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I was told I had an over abundance of original sin.

-Susan Sarandon-



September 13th, 2011

Every Day

Every Day

A solid indie film, Every Day succeeds in portraying ordinary life with the triumph and tragedy that lurks within Every Day.

It lingered like a profound dream and I was thinking about it again this morning.

September 5th

A Love to Keep

A Love to Keep

Never again should we suffer such abuse and oppression.

This made for TV import from Spain tells the story of a lesbian couple oppressed by societal mores and Franco's rule.

August 20th


A simple story painted with rich and vibrant strokes.

Truthfully I love piano so much I would have watched the film for the music, as Sasha is a masterful pianist in love with the handsome rogue who is his piano teacher.

August 15th

The Secrets

I couldn't watch it sitting down. Instead I paced in and out, peeking and following the plot, but so incensed with the modern day oppression of women that I couldn't watch it directly.

August 7th



Biutiful was beautifully shot, finely acted and perfectly paced

and I never want to see it again. What a heartbreak.

August 6th

The Fish Child

The Fish Child

The complications in this script confuse and then disappoint.

The viewer is driven into a corner and then the same monster we saw last scene pops out. It becomes tedious.

July 30th


What a train wreck.

Araki did Mysterious Skin which is a modern masterpiece. Then devolved to Smiley Face and then devolved even further in creating Kaboom. Hated it.

July 26th

Pariah (Short)

Pariah by Dee Rees

Impeccable...a perfect film.

a film so fine and so rare that there are few comparisons

July 10th


Undertow is magically brilliant.

From Peru comes a story so human and from the heart that I want to make it required viewing in every film class.

Bourbon Street Blues

Greg Herren

I am thoroughly enjoying this book.