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I was under medication when I made the decision to burn the tapes.

-Richard Nixon-


Outline of an article I meant to write: AWARDS again

Just because

this photo has no relevance to notes, but Allison Janney

Pride A feel good film that has special inspiration because it actually happened. Bittersweet with the loss that arrives during the times, AIDS. Oh that government support had truly been forthcoming during those times. 3 recent UK productions, Philomena, The Imitation Game and Pride have significantly contributed to Queer Visibility. In fact, the UK has been ahead of the US in producing films by and about queers. From Merchant/Ivory to Hanif Kureishi to Rikki Beadle Blair and Russell T Davies and Lisa Gornick, we have been enriched by their support. Lets start a list.
The Skeleton Twins Really wanted to like this, but what a boring downer.
The German Doctor Really wanted to like this Lucia Puenzo film, too, but it fell flat. Others have reviewed it very well. Perhaps the high bar that Puenzo set for herself with XXY has made her subsequent films disappointing to me.
Detachment Fuckin' A for Adrian Brody, one of the best actors of our time. Forget those stupid Wes Anderson roles, time and again he has transcended self to become the character, this is another of those films. OK ...take it back, don't forget the Wes Anderson films, just remember Brody in Dummy to understand the richness he brings to his humans, I mean characters. Detachment is one of those films that show up fifteen years later to receive the deserved acclaim. Forget Wes Anderson and forget the Oscars.
The One I Love  2 words, Marc Duplass  Oy he is a sexist pig.
Getting On  Hilarious, close to life series in 30 minute episodes. The cast shines and I espcially love Laurie Metcalfe who is really attractive as well a funny as hell.
Ida Dark moody, but it didn't reach me. HoHum
Obvious Child Refreshing film that deals with abortion. A bit formulated to the rom/com format, but Jenny Slate was charming and real. Great to see a solid entry into this field.
Only Lovers Left Alive  OMG I was soooo bored and T even turned it off and unlike yours truly, she never gives up on a movie.
In a World...  Charming Indie from Lake Bell.  A slice of life that won't etch into your memory, but pleasant and insightful short story that is worth watching.
SAG provided films:
Birdman I loved this film and the cast and the soundtrack and the long scene shots. Perfect film, in my humble opinion.
The Judge: A terrible, cliched, awful script. period
St. Vincent OK I like Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts
Wild: Loved the book and the movie is good too. In love with Cheryl Strayed
that new Wes Anderson movie ... wtf is it doing on the awards list?
Cake Anniston is great. Production very good. Just way too painful to recommend.
Imitation Game Previously critiqued harshly, but it has grown on me. Happy to have Alan Turing made part of public consciousness.

As many have heard me say a hundred times, the Awards are bullshit. Of course awards recognize deserving films, but I would much rather see a glitzy award show that didn't pick a winner, rather it would feature the highlights of lots and lots of great film talent.

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