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Uncle Barb's

I am a gay person before I’m anything else. I’m a gay person before I’m a white person, before I’m a Jew, before I’m a writer, before I’m American, anything.

-Larry Kramer-

I am a woman before I'm anything else.

-Uncle Barb-


Blog entries prior to February 2011 are still on my old WordPress site. If you are interested, you can read them at this link.

Ventura Pons

Ventura Pons is alive and well and actively making films, although that is hard to verify if you live in the US. 

Falling in love with the movies, a list

Film as art reflects life with subtle clarity and effective resonance. The following films moved me in that way.

Lauren Bacall

Captivating Lauren Bacall won my heart as a teenager.

Unconscious (Inconscientes)


This little gem of a film from Spain was the perfect remedy to the pile of crappy movies I've seen lately.

The Big C

Truthfully, I could not imagine enjoying a tv show about someone dying of cancer,

but Laura Linney and excellent writing make The Big C a profound and compelling work of art.

Every Day

Every Day

A solid indie film, Every Day succeeds in portraying ordinary life with the triumph and tragedy that lurks within Every Day.

It lingered like a profound dream and I was thinking about it again this morning.

A Love to Keep

A Love to Keep

Never again should we suffer such abuse and oppression.

This made for TV import from Spain tells the story of a lesbian couple oppressed by societal mores and Franco's rule.


A simple story painted with rich and vibrant strokes.

Truthfully I love piano so much I would have watched the film for the music, as Sasha is a masterful pianist in love with the handsome rogue who is his piano teacher.

The Secrets

I couldn't watch it sitting down. Instead I paced in and out, peeking and following the plot, but so incensed with the modern day oppression of women that I couldn't watch it directly.



Biutiful was beautifully shot, finely acted and perfectly paced

and I never want to see it again. What a heartbreak.


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