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"Like any artist without an art form, she became dangerous"

- Toni Morrison (Sula) -


Blog entries prior to February 2011 are still on my old WordPress site. If you are interested, you can read them at this link.

The Fish Child

The Fish Child

The complications in this script confuse and then disappoint.

The viewer is driven into a corner and then the same monster we saw last scene pops out. It becomes tedious.


What a train wreck.

Araki did Mysterious Skin which is a modern masterpiece. Then devolved to Smiley Face and then devolved even further in creating Kaboom. Hated it.

Pariah (Short)

Pariah by Dee Rees

Impeccable...a perfect film.

a film so fine and so rare that there are few comparisons


Undertow is magically brilliant.

From Peru comes a story so human and from the heart that I want to make it required viewing in every film class.

Bourbon Street Blues

Greg Herren

I am thoroughly enjoying this book.


Worse than Loving Annabelle and that is hard to achieve.

The only redemption might be the soft core porn ... if you are young.

The Big Gay Musical

Clever, eye catching, funny with very talented performers.

It is a musical, so we're already half way there. The actors/dancers/singers topped the book as it is in most musicals.

Four Seasons Lodge

A testament to love.

Albert Maysles who filmed Grey Gardens (and many others) with his brother David, guided the cinematography of Four Seasons Lodge with beautiful results.

Mary Ann in Autumn

Armistead Maupin

Comfort food and gourmet comfort food at that. Once again Maupin creates a world both familiar and larger than life with simple phrasing and brilliant compilation.


Impromptu has been one of the films that I pushed to the back of the list until I recently pulled it off the library shelves. It has been recommended by respected critics and in general been listed as a classic. Why?


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