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There’s no such thing as autobiography,
there’s only art and lies.

-Jeanette Winterson-



My Car's Name is Fern

I take car naming very seriously.

I drive for weeks before settling on the name. This time I was lucky enough to purchase a nice little car from a very lovely person at a super low price.

Why I love Scotty Bradley

Greg Herren

Greg Herren's wild tales about Scotty Bradley make me happy.

The alternative lifestyle, meaning a relationship triad, is not rationalized, analyzed by common morals, presented as anything but a loving and complicated family. Scotty and Frank and Colin are who they are and it is wonderful and sexy and complicated but never justified or judged.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Karen Fowler We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Karen Joy Fowler

This novel provided the rare experience of knocking my socks off. Brilliant!

As I've recommended this book to friends, I have told them to avoid reading synopsis of the book or really anything that might give away the plot, including the inside jacket blurb. Go into it without preconceived ideas, I promise it is worth it.

Fowler's two previous novels were lightweights compared to We Are Completely Beside Ourselves. This book stands way above most modern fiction. Yep, it is a compelling, engaging story, but it is also a dynamic model of life and relationships.

We Are Completely Beside Ourselves tops my list for best books I've read in 2013.

These Things Happen

Richard Kramer

Richard Kramer

This book was delightful.

Rough Music

Rough Music by Patrick Gale

Patrick Gale

I experienced the true measure of my immersion in the book when I began thinking in a British accent.

Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz

Fire in the Belly Cynthia Carr

by Cynthia Carr

Miss Timmins' School for Girls

Nayana Currimbhoy

Nayana Currimbhoy

What a pleasant surprise to find this little gem in my library.

The Turtle Girl from East Pukapuka

The Turtle Girl from East Pukapuka

by Cole Alpaugh

I quite enjoyed the ride.

A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar

A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar

by Suzanne Joinson

A dual narrative of women traveling in remote territories and a modern day Londoner.

Carry the One

Carol Anshaw

Enthralled by the first 20 pages, I was licking my chops. I love stories of dysfunctional families.


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