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Uncle Barb's

Heterosexuals at Gay Events who feel compelled to announce they are "straight" really piss me off.

-Uncle Barb-



Greg Herren How I Love YOU

Mambo Mardi Gras is essentially the same book as Greg's previous works, but I love him unabashedly.

Thanks Greg for the fun and the thoughtfulness.

Sleepless Nights

Elizabeth Hardwick

Elizabeth Hardwick

When Sigrid Nunez' book Siempre Susan was recommended by a voice (thank you Tree) who has my attention, I quickly checked it out from the library.

Aristotle & Dante

Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Benjamin Alire Saenz

When Scott Cranin recommends a book or film, I listen

Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

by Suzanne Collins

Survival fiction has always entranced me from The Boxcar Children to My Side of the Mountain to Alas Babylon,

Perfect Peace

Daniel Black: Perfect Peace

At times I could feel Black's river Jordan rushing through my own soul, the power and subtlety of his words stirring my own inner questions.

Queer Lit in 2011

Band of Thebes provides some of my favorite queer book commentary. In the article linked here, he discusses the "handful" of queer letters included in recent nominations. That handful includes some mediocre representation, i.e. Michael Cunningham's Nightfall. The Room by Emma Donoghue received the most attention. This book sat on me like a fat man full of contrivance.

Bourbon Street Blues

Greg Herren

I am thoroughly enjoying this book.

Mary Ann in Autumn

Armistead Maupin

Comfort food and gourmet comfort food at that. Once again Maupin creates a world both familiar and larger than life with simple phrasing and brilliant compilation.

a complicated kindness

Miriam Toews

Miriam Toews

This book is as fearless as the main character, 16 year old Nomi Nichols. Not that Nomi is fearless, but she is not surprised.

Bow Grip

Ivan E Coyote

Ivan E Coyote

Bow Grip is fascinating; a male protagonist learning to cope after his wife leaves him for another woman written by a transgendered author. Well written with fully drawn characters and a vocabulary that expresses sensitivity without being trite,


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