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Uncle Barb's

There’s no such thing as autobiography,
there’s only art and lies.

-Jeanette Winterson-



Falling in love with the movies, a list

Film as art reflects life with subtle clarity and effective resonance. The following films moved me in that way.

Lauren Bacall

Captivating Lauren Bacall won my heart as a teenager.

John Farr Movie Picks

John Farr's article on HuffPo basically quotes AO Scott. Scott's original article A Golden Age of Foreign Films, Mostly Unseen is a must read. You can skip Farr's comments and go right to his list and my ratings/comments;
The Band's Visit ... 3.5***

Metro Weekly's 25 Gay Films Everyone Must See

I love lists and these are good ones. The sequel list includes a film I've not seen Love of Siam; I will see it now.

I thought it ironic that they gave John Grayson's films Zero Patience and Lilies one slot. Grayson is in a category all of his own, rivalled only by the likes of Almodovar and Ozpetek, so one slot for two films seems stingy.

Geraldine Ferraro

I was present in the Miami auditorium when Walter Mondale announced that Geraldine Ferraro would be the vice-presidential candidate for the Democrats.

We were at a NOW conference at the Fountainbleu which was already a great experience thanks to Kate Clinton. The convention delegates went crazy, crying, laughing, hugging. It felt like times were a changing.

I Would Love to Kiss Natalie Barney

a flame and a current traveling

Bath Reflections

In a candle-lit bath, smoking and examining the bruise on my shin from my klutzyness with the snowblower, the bath scene in Klute came to me and then a flood of memory images of Jane Fonda on film.

Sneaking into Barbarella was one of the highlights of my high school years. A woman who could blow up an orgasmatron, I was hooked.  Barbarella was sequentially followed by They Shoot Horse Don't They, which bored me; and then Klute which floored me (in a good way).


As I customize this blog, I will add links to my reviews that span  the years 2002 -2007. You will also see a link to Mid-Century Charlie who inspired me to get on with my comments on books, film and all the Queer Arts.  Maven and admirer of Queer Arts, I follow Band of Thebes and Mid-Century Charlie on a daily basis through RSS Feed and email.


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